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My name is Lucky Maseko, and I am the founder of this blog,

I write articles about positive thinking, self-improvement, inspirational thoughts and about the skills that contribute to help people discover the secret of success and improving one’s life. I have had a lot to learn in this field from my personal experiences which were not pleasant around 2001. I remember when I was in the mining operations in South Africa as a graduate engineer how I struggled to deal with the soft issues because of the hostile environment I encountered there. The other contributing factor to my frustrations then was the lack of sufficient skills on my side to come to the occasion.

I spent some time in my life dealing with pain associated with conflicts and betrayal at work. It became so worse that I ended up not trusting people because of what I experienced. The moment of peace came when I started realizing that I had the power to change my life and how I felt about circumstances.It was the time when I began to understand what is success in broad terms and the role of inspirational thoughts in any person’s life. As I decided deliberately to address my own knowledge gaps I came across the topics of self-improvement, motivation theories, spiritual growth and mind power when I attended personal development courses in one academy in the country.

Later, I began ordering books about these topics from various bookstores. I have read a number of books on personal development, positive thinking, creative visualization and the powers of the mind. I also read about psychology, meditation, philosophy, and on the various spiritual paths.

Teaching is my passion and I have done it for a number of years in the church, schools and at the university. Leadership experience in organizations as well gave me more insight in this area on top of what I read and studied. I have reached a point in my life where I have realized that the best way to contribute to humanity is changing tears to laughter to people who are in distress. In my experience, there is no greater feeling than the joy that comes with making the difference in the life of another person.

My approach to helping people include getting more knowledge about the subject and make current personal development techniques available to those who want change. In addition to that I have developed insight in these issues. Reading a lot of books and attending trainings may not necessarily results in insight and this is what I have. Also, to reach more people to make our world a better place requires that I use technology to reach more people.

The Aim of the blog

The aim of is to provide practical information and guidance, to help people live a better, happier and more fulfilling life.

Regard this blog as a pleasant place to visit, a place, where you can find the knowledge, tools, motivation, and inspirational thoughts to improve your life, and grow materially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. will continually offer new content in personal development. You will then be able to access this information at your own time as you develop yourself to find the big secret of success. The information in this blog will be supplemented by email subscription to ensure that you get the full picture of how you can change your life for good!

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