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Posted: October 28, 2016 at 1:40 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

These occurrences happen because you have no motivation. An action with absence of motivation will make whatever you are working on unproductive. Motivation is one essential thing that we should also have in our life to keep us going; it can be a reason, a character or simply a verb.
Motivation is defined as a desire to do things. In addition, motivation is a drive which will make you do things because you have the desire to do so. Motivation is an essential element in making and attaining goals.

Here are six easy steps to be motivated to lose weight:
1. Your ultimate goal should not be because you want to have a slim body or those perfect curves, but the goal should be optimal health. You should focus on losing weight because you wanted to prevent acquiring diseases and further chronic conditions.
2. Before starting anything, think about the outcome you wanted to attain. Write down your own goals and place it in your wall to keep a daily reminder.
3. Remember to limit and never to eliminate. Do not give yourself the feeling of deprivation, but only limit yourself to the foods that you should be avoiding.
4. Do a weekly and monthly evaluation where you are able to see some of the improvements you have achieved. Seeing results of your hard work will keep you motivated. This is very important to keep you motivated and experience rewarding moments.
5. Instead, be a ray of sunshine by always thinking positive. Remember that whatever you think will magnetize the results for your mind directs the eliciting of actions by your body. Do not pressure yourself to much as it will only be stressing you out stress and will soon make you want to stop.
6. Limit, if not totally cut off, the habits that pose threats to your whole weight loss goal. It could be drinking alcohol too often and too much, partying frequently and not getting enough rest, smoking and drugs, and even lazing around too much that you’re not productive anymore. You know what to avoid in your life?
Always believe you can do it! Dream on and apply actions to keep yourself motivated. Have faith that you can do anything by starting it one good action at a time

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