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Posted: February 4, 2018 at 4:52 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Fight for your health to get it back again! It appears nowadays that a very little mood swing, annoying symptom and undesirable pain there is a powerful pill that provides a relief for our hectic lives. The adverts are all over the television and every form of print and online media including talk radio, informing us to ask our physicians about that miracle pill that has arrived to fix everything to make us well again. You can end up thinking, for all their sincerity, these advertisements are saying that the silver bullet cure for almost any little pain that there is. I am one person who ask questions when I visit my doctor and talk a lot about possible causes of whatever disease I may be consulting for.


The truth is, what makes us sick these days can be traced back to improper immune functioning of the body. I believe your doctor will say the same to you. Our immune systems have been compromised to a level where their actions have been turned to the opposite direction of protecting us, and instead are attacking the very cells they are supposed to protect. The human immune system, though complicated as is that we cannot attempt to explain in details in this article, has a straight forward and simple mechanism for keeping us well. The human immune system, using white blood cells produced by the blood, has the tendency to search other cells and other organisms that start initiating trouble and negatively impacting our body systems. If there are any foreign invaders that are searching with the aim to destroy in our bodies, then our immune system begins the process of defending, protecting and repairing our tissues. This is how our bodies are supposed to deal with unhealthy viruses, cancers toxins, bacteria, and other harmful things foreign substances.


Many of us may know today that the environment we live in is toxic on its own without adding a number of lab produced synthetic substances to our bodies. If our bodies have the required natural elements needed, then they have the ability to defend, protect and repair by themselves. Though this does not only require the knowledge of what is needed to nourish our bodies, but also requires a different approach of thinking about our health. We have to develop a culture of wellness rather than that of being conscious about sickness and symptoms. Wellness is a particular way of thinking and it is also a condition. That is a very important point to grasp at this stage if we are to take control of our lives in totality.


The process of defending by the immune system works well on its own when conditions are fine and favourable, natural elements or raw material are available and present for our bodies to accomplish what they were meant to achieve by design. In the earlier days when there were properly grown plants, harvested, and prepared for eating were a good source of the necessary raw materials which our bodies needed for proper immune function to enhance acceptable levels of wellness at the basic unit cell. Maintaining this balance, having cells which are healthy, with cell surface sugars transmitting vital information, all work together to assist our bodies to tackle problems and conditions that may arise. However, the absence of these cell surface sugars that provide the mechanism by which accurate identification is possible, will produce disastrous results and cause the eradication of healthy cells and tissues.


This destructive process can be interpreted as the main cause of diseases such as arthritis, asthma, lupus, and a number of other allergies that have grown to epidemic proportions today. If there is a deficiency of these cell surface sugars for whatever reason, then we must supplement them. There are supplements that are available today that can be taken on daily basis if we are to enjoy a vibrant and healthy life and maintain a state of wellness.


Coming back to the pill issue as a drug, here are facts that I have come to know: drugs that are produced synthetically, addressing only symptoms, contributing to the toxic content of our bodies and having negative side effects are certainly not the solution to encouraging our bodies to produce a desired state of wellness. I may also not be wrong to say that there is a pharmaceutical representative visiting or stationed in every doctor’s waiting room, in a government organ responsible for making laws, and a number of adverts paid for any available television, online and print media spot including radio that exists today. Drugs do not enhance wellness, but rather mask symptoms. For those who have used a lot of drugs due to sickness may understand this very well.


If the pain of a headache can ignored for some time for your body to fix it, it will go away eventually irrespective of whatever condition caused that problem. The sad part is that as soon as we feel the pain we jump to the pill for the relief of the discomfort. Nothing could be further from the truth especially today that we cannot tolerate any form of inconvenience. The immune systems of our bodies are designed to provide healing, correct, and repair what goes wrong with us. This is true despite what those sincere looking actors are telling you about the newest colourful pill that you should ask your medical doctor about.


Your concern about your wellness should motivate you to have interest to learn more about this topic. I know there are people who can go deeper when talking about the immune system because they are experts in the field and there are a number of research papers in this field. What has surprised me in the past and to this day is: people who have all the technical knowledge which does not help them to lead a better life. I have seen doctors who are heavy smokers despite having all the knowledge that smoking is not good for one’s health but they continue smoking. In this blog I motivate people to take control of their lives. To take your life back means that you are aware about all what is available outside there but can make a sensible decision when required do so for your life.


Drugs will remain part of our lives for many years to come but that does not mean we should depend on drugs for our well being. We need to balance the intake of drugs and consider other alternatives that are available today to improve the quality of our lives. We can conclude by saying we all need to exercise, eat well, and supplement wisely. If you are heavily dependent on drugs ask yourself the question whether you have done all there is to address the issue of your wellness. I hope I have made you to think about wellness as an important part of your life.

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